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BALAJI TRANS CARRIERS PVT.LTD expertise lies in freight forwarding and client servicing in India on road, in air and water.
Our large fleet of trucks and trailers and other attached vehicles ensure safe delivery. We operate through our Regional offices across India,we provide affordable prices & excellent service 24/7. For logistics plans to transport your cargo efficiently and smoothly, speak to
us anytime.

Our Logistics Movement Solutions offers:

  • Time bound Delivery
  • Specialized Container movement
  • Containerized transportation for fragile cargo
  • Containers available in sizes of 20/32/40 feet
  • Full Load Vehicles available for any weight
  • Frequent tracking alert if required through mail or sms.
  • Customized solution for express distribution and time critical requirements
  • Dynamic route planning for high value freight
  • Real time tracking of goods
  • Enhance service engineer skills and in order to reduce inventory spend

Our Strategic Approach:
  • Proper planning based on through investigation to find the most appropriate route for a shipment.
  • For any shipment we consider the nature of good - perishable or hazardous nature, cost, transit time and security;
  • take care of goods packing needs based on climate, consignment weight, nature of inventory, cost and delivery of goods, and warehousing of goods at its final destination;
  • negotiating contracts, transportation and handling costs;
  • consolidated service for small shippers;
  • preparing documentation and arranging insurance and helping clients claim it; based on packing specifications, and national road transportation regulations;
  • arranging air transport for urgent and high-value freight and managing the risk door to door;
  • high end express transportation on demand via road, rail, air transportation networks
  • real time communication report of all phases of transportation and shipment of goods;
  • We keep up to date knowledge of national on-road compliance affect the movement of freight.

Our Freight Transportation Services Include:
  • Road Transportation- With approximately 175 vehicles, trucks and trailers in collaboration with 400 dedicated attached vehicles Balaji Group offers road transportation. It has its own forklifts, cranes and material handling equipment at its operational locations that includes 8 Regional and 35 Area offices and over 30 own branches across India
  • Container Movement - With the capacity to move 100 containers every month, on specific routes. Vehicles are huge-sized for transportation of containers that saves transportation costs.
  • Car Transportation - For premium cars transportation Balaji offers 40-60 feet containers.
  • Project and ODC Transportation - We provide door to door transportation solution using our own vehicle and material for your special projects and ODC. ODC cargo exceed the standard container dimensions and have tons gears and break bulk vessels.
  • Refrigerated Transportation - To meet the requirements of food processing industry we provided end to end moving solutions for agro products and beverages.
  • Warehousing & Distribution - We offer dedicated warehouse distribution solution.

If you are looking for reliable, professional domestic or international logistics and freight forwarding company call us today!

Please write us without hesitate at any time at: info@balajimail.com known name is transport industry. We eager to listen you on +91-9810214177,+91-11-65161777