Container Movement

Balaji Trans Carriers Private Limited

Balaji Trans Carriers Pvt. Ltd, provides multimodal transport and containerized movement of goods from production point to consumption point to all its clients in India. Our container movement service provides unified material flow within specified time and budget.

With our container movement service we offer safe transportation of the packaged goods all over India. Our knowledge coupled with our services and customer’s relationship has made us prominent player in logistics industry.

Multi-Modal, Intermodal Container Movement Solution
We provide effective intermodal container transportation in terms of cost, service, safety
and reliability. Our expertise in the freight forwarding and rail transportation provide us competitive edge over our competitors. To provide best of best we adopt the intermodal transportation (via road, rail, air, water) using right mix of cost, speed and location flexibility. We provide high-speed intermodal transfers using minimum resources in economically large units between ships, rails, truck chassis, road and barges.

Our drivers are well trained to deliver the consignment at the customer's doorstep safely. Our labors are always under keen observation of our dedicated professionals. Loading and unloading of goods is done with utmost care, making the client completely assured regarding the security of his valuables.

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