Railway Ministry launches Smart Freight Operation Optimisation & Real Time Information application

Here is a great news for freight industry as Indian Railway launches an application for freight monitoring and optimization in realtime. The application is called Smart Freight Operation Optimisation & Real Time Information (SFOORTI) to monitor freight business. This digital step will help freight managers plan the traffic flows and optimize freight operations. The important features of freight operation optimization in real time application can be used for monitoring and managing freight business using Geographic Information System (GIS) views and dashboard. Salient features of the SFOORTI application includes.

  • Tracking the movement of freight trains on Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • A GIS based monitoring and management tool has been designed and developed in CRIS which provides layered views of freight trains on Indian Railways network that will help plan the traffic flows and optimize freight operations.
  • For improved freight operations at Divisional, Zonal and Board levels of management the FOIS Map View has been designed.
  • In a single GIS view both passenger and freight trains can be tracked over Zones/Divisions/ Sections
  • Freight business can also be tracked and monitored
  • Comparative analysis of zonal traffic and divisional traffic is possible which will help in further optimisation
  • Both, new traffic captured lost traffic analysis is possible now
  • The application provides a bird’s eye view of all freight assets in a single window
  • Application provides end to end rake movement on geospatial view
  • Expected traffic at interchange points to evaluate daily performance can be viewed
  • Performance of each zone and divisions in respect of loading and utilization of freight assets can be viewed
  • Sectional performance monitoring for sections, divisions and zones shall help in traffic routing
  • Freight terminal and sidings enhanced monitoring and thus improve turnaround of rakes.

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